How does Kiloran achieve her magical results?

Firstly, in discussion, a shoot list is prepared. Key figures are identified, friendships and relationships contextualised, and targets and expectations set. Nothing is left to chance – except the moments themselves! This is always a great way of drawing in one of the younger family members. He or she will be ‘on duty’ to point out or gather relatives and friends at key times. In the thrill of the moment, it is easy for key players to forget their presence is expected in a photograph. Youngsters love to be involved in this way.

Although Kiloran has her own distinctive style of photography, she nonetheless tailors her approach to suit the desires and concept of her clients – formal and stately, haphazard and freestyle, all her images are infused with her unique sense of movement and light.

Whether shooting in colour and/or black and white, in medium format or 35mm, Kiloran’s results are consistently excellent – a testament to the painstaking preparation she invests in every commission.

Call her on 07989 900 858 to discuss your project and to discuss information on prices.


View Kiloran’s portfolios of weddings & events, world, portraits, still life and Cambridge College events for an insight to the flare and skill through which Kiloran captures her subject matter.